Shah published his first book in 2013. Titled A Boy His Bibi and a Bari, it is an autobiography of his childhood. The book relays the eleven months he spent in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh as a ten year old in 1980.

His second book Blighty to Bengal, is Shah’s own "Motorcycle Diaries," where he and a best friend drove from London to Sylhet in Bangladesh. The road journey of twenty four days in an SUV took them through twelve countries. Blighty to Bengal is due out in 2020.

He has also started his third book, Dream Architect, taking wisdom and lessons from his 20 years of coaching and consulting and putting together an easy to read personal development book. The book can be used by anyone who is serious about achieving big goals in life.

Shah R Alam


Shah is an accomplished success coach, having worked with clients for the last twenty years from all backgrounds, culture and within a multitude of businesses. His approach is simple, directive and results driven. His simple 4-step process takes his clients goals from a vision, to a plan and then to successfully achievement.

Shah is a keynote speaker of conviction and results. He empowers his audience with his energy, enthusiasm and practical content. His message is focused on driving action to bring about change and improvement in performance through simple techniques that can be used to achieve personal and corporate success.