Shah Ruhel Alam was born in 1969 in what was then East Pakistan, becoming Bangladesh in 1971. He moved
with his family to the UK in 1975, living initially in the Midlands city of Worcester. His family moved again in
1979 to the East End of London.

He attained his first degree from the City of London Polytechnic in the field of Accounting, upon graduating he worked in international logistics, first for a small private company and then for a global airline. He then moved into the world of Management Consulting and has been working in this industry as a freelancer for the last seventeen years.

He decided to put pen to paper a decade ago to write about his life changing experiences during an eleven
month stay in Bangladesh with his grandmother. He was sent by his parents, more so by his father to ensure
he did not lose his Bangladeshi roots, values and cultural heritage. His trip to Bangladesh was immediately
after moving to London from Worcester in 1979. He titled his book A Boy, His Bibi and a Bari in reference to
himself, his grandmother and his homestead in Bangladesh.

Once he had written the book he approached several publishers, with no luck in securing a contract he decided to park the idea of publishing the book. With the advent of affordable self-publishing and e-books he began in earnest during the winter of 2011 to get the book ready for publishing within twelve months.

His first book which has a prelude to his second book, again a true story of a road trip he took in 2005 with a good friend, driving from London to Bangladesh. The title of his second book is Blighty To Bengal and will be published in 2015.

Shah now lives in Dallas, Texas U.S.A. after he married in 2013.  When he is not working or writing, he enjoys spending time with family, hiking and trekking up mountains or travelling to a far flung corner of the earth.